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The value of curiosity

Some people can simply not resist it…

The lure of uncharted waters,

The call of the distant shore,

The irresistible urge to discover. And to create.

They lead.

Others follow.

They strike into the wilderness…

Sometimes of Land,


And Air;

At other times

Of Thought.

Not because they Want to;

But because they HAVE to.

They simply MUST.

They cannot rest without knowing what Lies

On the other side of every mountain.

So they scale mountains;

Ford streams;

Chase rainbows;

Follow dreams.

They build;

They break;

Then brood;

And build again…

Every time, better than before!

These are the people

Who discover

New Lands,

New species,

New sights, sounds, experiences…

They are the ones who invent

New ways of





The world owes them much,

For without them,

We’d still be cowering in caves

Hunting to survive.

All the progress we see,

We have them to thank for.

Them. And their driving force:

A single word…

A simple word…

A powerful idea…



At the core of every great endeavor,

At the heart of every great enterprise,

In the very souls of all those people who live their lives

Making a significant difference,

Like the first pink rays of dawn that defeat the darkness of the night,

Lies this one simple word… CURIOSITY!

Make it your word. Go ahead, #ChangeTheGame